A Populus Global Solution…


Local IT company Populus Global Solutions and it’s electronic medical record system is taking the world – or parts of it – by storm.   It’s being sold on its own merits to a variety of Caribbean countries and looking to expand into even more countries.  It’s a refreshing approach: popular, rapidly implemented, on budget, and on schedule.   Most importantly, they don’t rely on secret exclusionary deals to get a leg up on competitors.

Your can read about it here:

In New Brunswick it’s clearly time to rethink our provincial EMR monopoly.   Not just because Accreon is bailing out of Velante.  Not just because the existing EMR program is costing a fortune.   Not just because the uptake remains questionable despite fire-sale prices and high-pressure sales pitches.

We need to reconsider what we are doing with EMRs in New Brunswick because the fundamental concept of an exclusionary monopoly – such as that forged by Velante and the Provincial government – is wrongheaded and lacking in vision.

We don’t need a single EMR vendor jammed down the unwilling gullets of an unwilling clientele.   We need choice.  We need a product which fits the needs of the customer.

It’s not about profit.  It’s not about lining the pockets of IT consultants.   It’s about using appropriate technology to improve the health of New Brunswickers.

That’s the only bottom line that matters.