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I have been using computers since 1973.   At that time, as a grade 10 student, we wrote our own programs in a language called Fortran, punched the lines of code onto thick paper cards, and fed them into a card reader for assembly and processing.   If you typed one character incorrectly or mixed up the sequence of punch cards, the whole thing crashed.  If you did everything correctly, you might be able to print a nice banner, or do some simple mathematical calculations.   There were stacks and stacks of printouts.  We killed a lot of trees back then.

I have been a family physician since 1997.  I used paper charts for the first thirteen years of my career.  Now, I use an Electronic Medical Record, or EMR.   I chose Telus Health for many different reasons, which may not be relevant to you, so I won’t go into them.    This website is intended to further the cause of a fully implemented New Brunswick EMR program, while respecting the reality that we are individual practitioners, with different sizes and styles of practice, and with different skills and needs.

I’d like this to be an forum for information exchange.   I think you deserve freedom of choice, and the best way to make use of freedom is by being well informed.  I would like to keep it balanced, but I cannot say it will be free from bias.   I am naturally biased in favour of freedom, openness, choice, fairness, and doing what ought to be done to defend those principles.

The EMR picture in New Brunswick is not black and white, and you do have choices.  What you do with them is up to you.

Doug Varty, MD, CCFP


2 thoughts on “About the editor…

  1. I am wondering if you know whether OSCAR or Practise Solutions can connect to hospital meditech systems or to telemed? I had a call from NBMS saying that the subsidy for Velante expires March 31. I asked them to provide me with names of other physicians in my specialty using their product and am still waiting to hear back. I have friends across the country happy with companies such as Accuro which was just approved in NS, but is not open to us in NB. OSCAR being an internet download and PS being from the CMA makes me wonder if these would “work” in NB. It is important to me, however, that I could access labs, imaging and billing. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • The short answer is that no EMR vendor other than Velante is permitted to download results from provincial database. Velante has permission to do that but, as far as I know, have not done so. I believe they have what is referred to as a “punch-through viewer,” which allows the same access to Meditech as we have had for many year, via ROAM.

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