More thoughtful analysis of the American EMR experience courtesy of the website.

It is becoming apparent that more and more EMR users are finding themselves trapped with an EMR that they either did not want, or that they signed up for only because of fire sale prices enabled by government subsidization.

Hmmmm… sounds familiar…

The result is that customer satisfaction is in freefall.

Yet more evidence that the New Brunswick approach of “my way or the highway” is wrong.

Dead wrong.

Read on to find out why, and how we could do things differently here:

I Despise My EHR, But I’m Still Using It


3 thoughts on “Gotcha!

  1. Now Telus Health is trying to persuade PS Suite users in marginalized provinces to migrate to another Telus Health product…

    • Here in New Brunswick the provincial medical society sends offers ad nauseum asking doctors to switch to their EMR “solution” which, to date, has proven much less popular than they had hoped. They offer to do this “for free” which means the people who migrate your data will be paid from NBMS coffers, filled by money diverted from our most recent fee-for-service contract, increased annual fees, and bank loans. Or so I have been led to believe. Who would know? They have never publicized any financial statements from their I.T. offshoot, Velante. Regarding PSS and Telus, I have actually found the transition from CMA owned Practice Solutions to Telus completely painless. In fact, the product I’m using now has made significant improvements to the already excellent Practice Solutions EMR. And if there ever were a “marginalized province,” New Brunswick would certainly be it!

  2. We here in BC are facing this now. Telus Health has informed us that they will no longer support PS Suite in BC and we have to go elsewhere. Of course we have tried all the other vendors and they are CRAP in comparison. So we are being forced into a “trapped” position even though we did our due diligence and paid our own way.

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