EMR Fun Facts…


Did you know that….

1.  The leadership of the New Brunswick Medical Society thinks an EMR monopoly is good for its members and does not want doctors to have any choice in which software they purchase.

2.  Doctors who don’t use EMR’s, or use something different than the one the NBMS supports, help to pay for doctors who have bought into the planned NBMS monopoly.

3.  The NBMS forged a “Data Sharing Agreement” last year which cripples the competition by denying electronic access to Department of Health databases.

4.  The recently approved Fee For Service contract for NB doctors includes a gift of $1,500,000 PER YEAR to the Provincial EMR program and that this money is only being used to support one EMR vendor, that being the one that is sold by Velante.

5.  Over 100 doctors in New Brunswick have been using electronic medical records for years, starting long before the advent of the Provincial EMR program.   Collectively they have poured hundreds of thousands  of dollars of their own money into advancing medical care in this province.  Hundreds of thousands of patients have benefitted from these forward-thinking individuals.

6.  New Brunswick is the only province saddled with a Data Sharing Agreement which limits the access of doctors to their patient’s electronic lab and diagnostic imaging reports.

7.  Doctors using EMR packages like Practice Solutions or Oscar LOVE their EMRs, and don’t want to change from something which is working very well to something which has an unproven track record.

8.  Monopolies, like the one Velante seeks to establish for NB EMR users, are bad for the consumer, stifle innovation, and lead to vendor complacency about customer service.   They also tend to drive up costs by eliminating any need to compete in a free and open marketplace.

9.  Uptake of the Provincial EMR program has been very poor, particularly among doctors who have to pay their own way.  Salaried doctors, who are employees of the Department of Health, get their EMR for “free,” which means the taxpayers pay the whole shot.

10.  The leadership of the NBMS are telling people they are trying to help early adopters of EMR technology.   What they are in fact doing is trying to coerce them into switching to their preferred EMR vendor.   We like what we have now, we don’t intend to switch, and what they are doing is actually the opposite of helpful.   If they really wanted to help, they would obey the will of the membership, and abolish the Data Sharing Agreement.


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