What if…



I have an idea which will rescue the failing provincial EMR system, drive up EMR adoption rates, cut health care costs, and provide the department of health with all the data they need to monitor the efficacy of our health care system.

And it will cost a fraction of the Velante venture.

Details will be published to this blog on Sunday evening.

The answer was there all along!


2 thoughts on “What if…

  1. Hi Doug, like the blog. Sympathize with your cause, and the cause of OSCAR users, nightingale users, etc. but what about a more important point – the exclusivity agreement is irrelevant when the DOH won’t honor it’s committments to build the infrastructure to connect any EMR in the first place. Velante users are not connected either and DoH refuses to commit to a timeframe to build the connection. They have already deferred to next fiscal year, with no promise to even do it then. We’re all talking about a connection that doesn’t even exist right now and may not for years. When it does, yes, let’s make it available to everyone like everywhere else in the country.

  2. Well spoken, Naomi. As an example of dysfunctional government work, I attended an Apple presentation to the ITY crowd in Saint John, to the people actually working on the main frame project. ( The project David Alward described as a black hole sucking his money away with little to show for it ) The IT guys paid no attention and ignored the excellent presentation completely. When the apple guy asked for questions I stood up and told the CEO how disgusted
    I was at the total lack of interest by the “IT experts”; the clowns that gave us Meditech and would likely shaft us with another dud. They make no attempt to start with the end users and build a system we can really use. I have emailed the Premier many times with links to excellent iPad based mainframe solutions that would be a dream to use.

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