The price of a cup of coffee…


Last night I stumbled up an interesting item from our neighbours to the south, posted on the website.   The main point is that health care providers need to be cautious when selecting an EMR software package.   There is no single EMR that fits all users, and rushing to subscribe to a service that turns out to be a poor fit for your practice style can quickly turn into an unending nightmare.

I was one of the lucky ones.   I had a particular EMR in mind, checked with some colleagues who were already using the software, then made the plunge.   Now, three and a half years later, I can honestly say I do not regret a single penny spent on my Practice Solutions system.

Others have not been so fortunate.   Given the current expense of migrating data from one system to another, it is prudent to think long and hard about which product to choose.   Make sure you choose one which fits your needs.

Most importantly, do not fall prey to high pressure sales pitches or limited-time offers.

While it is true that if you sign on with Velante over the next five weeks you may be eligible for as much as $16,000 in government handouts, you need to view that in perspective.  Over the course of ten years that amounts to $4.38 per day.   That’s what some people pay for a coffee at Starbucks!

Are you willing to mortgage your future for a cup of skinny cinnamon dolce latte?

You can read the full article here:   Rip and Replace


One thought on “The price of a cup of coffee…

  1. Also consider that the $16000 in subsidy doesn’t even cover the price difference between other options.

    We implemented the Oscar EMR in a clinic of five doctors in Moncton a few months ago. A properly supported version of Oscar goes for about $100 a month per doctor. Here is our projected five years cost: $100 * 12 * 5 * 5= $30000 for the clinic.

    The five year cost for the Intrahealth/Velante system for our clinic would have been $120 000 in monthly fees + $40 000 upfront + $80 000 subsidy from the government. For a total of $240 000.

    I’ve heard only good things from people using our $30 000 dollar (I know of at least 15 doctors in NB using it now) system and it is much more flexible and future proof than the proprietary Intrahealth solution Velante is currently pushing.

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