One EMR to Rule Them All…


Apparently, the leadership of the New Brunswick Medical Society are huge fans of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.   I say this because they appear to be hoping that the unpopular and pricy Velante EMR software, like Aragorn pictured above,  will be rescued  by an army of ghosts.

Ghost doctors.  Good Lord!  Is that what the desperate P.R. flacks have come to?

The numbers they claim are “enrolled” in the program – if we can believe the numbers at all – include anyone who at any time showed any interest in anything Velante was selling.

I would be on that list, for crying out loud!

Yes, it is true.   Before the “One EMR to Rule Them All” plan was fully developed, I sent a form in saying I would be interested in hearing what Velante has to say.   We were told at the time that if we didn’t sign up, we would be shut out later.  Better hedge my bets, I thought.

Classic pressure sell.

“Get your Ginsu knife now!   Limited time offer!   You may never see another deal like this!   Don’t delay!   Buy today!”

And, like a sucker, I went for it.

One EMR to rule them all, one EMR to find them, one EMR to bring them all, and in the darkness, bind them!

So my boastful friends, if you really have as many doctors committed to your product as you claim, publish a list.   Show yourselves!

Until such a list is made public, your enrollment claims have all the validity of a puff of swamp gas.

Buyer beware!


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