The rot sets in…


Beverly Hackett’s wonderful illustration of Amanita muscaria is a reminder that even from rot and decay can come things of beauty.

New Brunswick’s efforts to establish a working and widely accepted provincial electronic medical record system is at risk of becoming mushroom fodder.   If this unfortunate scenario is to be averted, those responsible must desist with their mad and single-minded obsession with profit and an unwanted, ill-considered monopoly.   A more inclusive approach is needed.   The program, as it is, sits poised on the brink of collapse.

I hope it doesn’t come to that.  It’s not too late to welcome all New Brunswick doctors into the fold.

But first the existing divisive and discriminatory Data Sharing Agreement between the New Brunswick Medical Society and the provincial Department of Health must be shredded and thrown on the compost heap where it belongs.

Perhaps something more elegant will arise from the detritus.

Here’s to hoping.



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