“Should I have a cat scan, Doc…?”


Thanks to my medical school classmate Irfan Mian for bringing the New York Times article “We Are Giving Ourselves Cancer” to my attention.

This has nothing to do with EMRs, but I feel an obligation to make more people aware that there can be harm from excessive medical tests.   And don’t forget the additional cost to our beleaguered Medicare system.

Imbedded in the article is a link to the fascinating and highly informative “Choosing Wisely” website, which has been developed to assist both doctors and patients select only those tests which improve health outcomes.  Just because a test CAN be done does not mean it SHOULD be done.

The Canadian Association of Radiologists has also published a very useful guideline regarding appropriate utilization of diagnostic  imaging, found here:  http://www.cehha.nshealth.ca/Services/downloads/Guidelines%20ENG.pdf

Here’s the N.Y. Times article.   Hope you enjoy it.



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