Got a couple of hours?


If you are interested in learning more (a lot more) about doctor’s opinions and experiences with EMRs, take a look at the following report from Accenture.   It provides an in-depth comparison of EMR utilization in Canada with that in seven other western industrialized  countries.    

Canada-specific information can be found in pages 32-56 of this slideshow-format report.

Interestingly, “I.T. systems that can’t talk to each other” is the number three reason why many doctors are hesitating to make the jump to EMRs, trailing only cost and privacy concerns in this regard.  This echoes one of the concerns noted in the United Kingdom, as noted in my previous blog.   Information “walled gardens” must be avoided.    Yet in some jurisdictions, ours included, this serious flaw is being deliberately built into the system.  

Interoperability and the ability for I.T. systems to efficiently share data is key.   Deficiencies in these key features is one of the reasons why New Brunswick’s provincial EMR program has fallen seriously short of expectations.


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