Sounds familiar…


Attention Comrades!

Glorious Leader has great news for you!

Horse and buggy not working for Motherland.   Brilliant Central Committee patriots know very well!

New system much, much better!

We use open, transparent process with more than 400 choosing things!

New transport vehicle has four wheels, windows, steering disc, comfy chairs, mirrors for looking backward, safety straps, key for making engine go, and much more!

Rolling off factory some time in future!

No other buggy needed.   This the best!

Cost is cheap, cheap, cheap!   Trust comrade on this one!

Some countries have many type buggy.   Wasteful.   Shame on capitalist swine!  Why you need choice?   Just do as told!


Try our Lada.   You love it!  You not like, you come talk us, we listen very good!

For glory of Central Committee!


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