Now where did I put that GPS…


One of the juicy perks offered by the promoters of New Brunswick’s government-sanctioned EMR monopoly has always been the promise of financial assistance from something known as the “Canada Health Infoway.”  This nebulous organization states that it works as a strategic investor of funds provided by the Federal Government, in collaboration with the provinces and territories” which is “managed by a team of seasoned professionals who are specialists in their respective fields, including health care, administration, information technology and privacy.”

They certainly seem to have the privacy part down pat.

When I clicked the “Contact Us” button and attempted to send a question about what they might have to offer a physician in New Brunswick trying to implement an electronic medical record, all I got was this:

Infoway Fail


You would think that an organization whose sole raison d’être is to promote the efficient use of technology could at least have a functioning method of receiving messages from people who have taken the time to look at their website.

All I wanted to know was if the deadline for funding for new EMR users in New Brunswick had passed.   It was supposed to have ended on Dec 31, 2013, but if you look at Velante’s website, it says the offer is still good.

Hard to know where the truth lies.

I thought maybe I should send the good folks at Canada Health Infoway an email advising them that their “Contact Us” button is not working but… well, you see the problem.

Anyway, if you would like to know more about the Canada Health Infoway, you can find them at:

Bon voyage!


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