It’s like déja vu all over again…


Ah, the Bluenose!   Nova Scotian icon.  Goodwill ambassador, and Queen of the North Atlantic.   Symbol of the best New Scotland has to offer.  Those were  the days…

New Brunswick should take a close look at what has happened with Nova Scotia’s struggling EMR industry.   There are some striking similarities to what is currently happening in New Brunswick.  The selection of a single EMR vendor with a government-sanctioned monopoly.  The heavy subsidization offered to those willing to agree to sign on with the “official” vendor.  The low uptake by physicians.  And the severely tilted playing field faced by any ambitious competitor daring to take on the holder  of monopoly rights.

Well, it hasn’t turned out all that well in Nova Scotia, and it might be apropos for supporters of New Brunswick’s EMR monopoly to rethink the plan.   It has been tried before, just next door, and from what I have just read, it’s not going well.

It’s not too late to avoid the deadly shoals encountered by our Bluenose neighbours.


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