You can’t tell the players without a program…


Well, maybe.   Almost everyone will recognize Maurice “Rocket” Richard.   And that might be Johnny Bower in the nets for the Leafs.  But who are the guys in the background, and what were their hockey credentials?   Unless you are a true hockey aficionado, your guess is as good as mine.

So it is with EMRs.   There are a lot of them out there.   Some are well known.   Others are fringe players that may only last a year or two, then disappear back to the minor leagues, or give up the game entirely.

It’s good to have some way to know who’s who.

Taken from “” the following webpage outlines which EMR vendors were provincially approved as of May 2013.   It’s not quite complete.  Manitoba has three approved vendors, and when this summary was originally posted NBMS had approved a provincial monopoly for Velante and it’s software vendor of choice, Intrahealth.

All other provinces offer a choice, some more than others, but not New Brunswick.   At this point in time, it’s Velante, take it or leave it.  At least if you want any help from the NBMS, the Department of Health, or Canada Heath Infoway.

Only in New Brunswick, eh?   Pity…


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