Big Brother is watching you…

I was in the hospital yesterday and wanted to show a friend this blog.   I tapped on the bookmark to bring the site up and, much to my surprise, this is what I got:


“Potentially Damaging Content?”   “Blocked for my own protection?”  It’s my own fracking site!  Did I miss something?   Have I been declared an enemy of the state?

Probably not.

Probably the Horizon I.T. department has set up a firewall which routinely blocks access certain types of sites, in order to ensure that people are not wasting time at work, surfing frivolous or subversive sites, and taking their attention away from their designated duties.   Fair enough.   There is a lot of garbage on the web, and it seems reasonable to have some sort of filter to keep the flotsam out of the drinking water.

Being a curious fellow, I decided to do a quick check to see what other “potentially dangerous” sites might be banned.   Well, it appears that Horizon doesn’t want you buying guns online.  Seems reasonable.   Neither can you look for a date on “eHarmony.”  Fine by me.

But, astonishingly, there are a myriad of questionable sites that you CAN access, and which are not filtered by the firewall.  Here are some examples of things you can do:

1.  Watch the trailer for the execrable movie “Jackass – Bad Grandpa.”

2.  Inform yourself about the North American Man-Boy Love Association.

3.  Order some Lakota herbal products.

4.  Check out what the Canadian Communist Party has to offer.

5.  Learn all you need to know about Britain’s Monster Raving Loony Party.

6.  Sign on with the Church of Scientology.

7.  Join the Flat Earth Society

In short, the firewall effectively blocks you from seeing the musings of your’s truly, while allowing unfettered access to a cavalcade of ill-mannered wastrels, pederasts, religious fanatics, daft-pranksters, snake oil salespersons, fringe political organizations, and, well, Raving Loonies.

Make sense to you?

To be fair to the administrators of Horizon’s internet service, they have offered to see what they might be able to do to make this site accessible.   For now, it’s wait and see.  In the meantime, I suggest you read what Charles LeBlanc has been posting.   They don’t block that one.


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