Good times ahead…


With Minister Flemming’s announcement that the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital will get a $200,000,000 upgrade, it would appear that the New Brunswick Department of Health has, as the Minister was quoted to say, “put its house in order.”   Good news for New Brunswick.   Now would be the perfect time to take advantage of the millions of dollars already invested in the provincial EMR industry by early-adopters of the new technology.  With a stroke of the pen, the Minister could enable these techno-friendly physicians to bolster their already impressive utilization of computerized medical records by allowing them to interface directly with Department of Health computers.   At least one EMR vendor has offered to do this at no cost to the taxpayers, while providing HUGE benefits to tens of thousands or patients throughout the province.

The New Brunswick Medical Society, by virtue of a motion passed at its annual fall meeting, has agreed not to impede the process of alternative vendors interconnecting with government computers.   All that is missing now is the consent of the provincial Department of Health.

How about it, Mr. Flemming?


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