Money, money, money…


EMR’s are not cheap.   They do offer many advantages to physicians, but they are costly to develop and maintain, and they are run by companies who (obviously) want to make money.    So the clients need to pay.    For hardware.   For software.   For supplies.   For maintenance.

Some provinces, recognizing the improved patient care that can result from better information management, have provided substantial funding to assist physicians in the difficult transition to from paper to digital records.    New Brunswick is NOT one of these provinces.   What assistance is available appears to be coming from federal sources, with the New Brunswick Ministry of Health acting primarily as a conduit between users and federal funding sources.   Individual physicians are picking up most of the costs, despite the fact that the beneficiary of improved health care is the public.

Though somewhat dated, this CBC article provides some useful background on EMR’s in Canada, including costs:


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