Getting Started…


Electronic medical records.   It’s a topic which should be of interest to all physicians.   With increasing EMR adoption both in New Brunswick and across Canada, the role played by computerized record keeping is likely to grow exponentially in the next decade.

Make no mistake.   They are not for everyone.   They require a certain comfort level with computers and computer networking.   If you prefer to write a letter or call someone on the phone to sending e-mail, they may not be for you.

There is intense interest in EMR’s on the part of provincial medical societies, health departments, and federal authorities.   Some see EMR’s as the key to improving the delivery of health care, others as a way to enable patient to participate more fully in health care and lifestyle choices, others as a way to cut health care costs, and still others as a way to make a living by providing the support required by the end users of the systems.

No matter what you think of EMR’s, this site is for you.   An open, unbiased forum for the discussion of issues related to electronic medical records.

This is a humble beginning.   In the future, I hope it will become a useful resource for EMR users, and those considering making the switch from paper records.

I hope you find it useful and interesting, and I look forward to your comments.


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