There are many different choices when it comes to EMR’s.   In New Brunswick, the provincial medical society only recommends one, New Zealand-based Intrahealth.   The New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) reports that it was the favourite of the the twenty or so physicians who were involved in the selection process they developed for choosing a provincial EMR.   Rumour has it that the Canadian Medical Society-owned Practice Solutions was number two.   Practice solutions was recently purchased by Telus Health, making it part of Canada’s most popular and widely used EMR system.

Prior to being selected, there were no doctors using Intrahealth software in New Brunswick.  Practice Solutions had the most clients, numbering sixty or more, encompassing the health records of an estimated 150,000 patients.  Wolf, Nightengale, Purkinje, and others followed with smaller numbers.

The NBMS has partnered with the technology company Accreon to further the advancement of widespread EMR adoption in New Brunswick.   The NBMS controlled company Velante is the result.  Velante, and the NBMS only support the Intrahealth product, and have refused to provide any support or assistance to users of other EMR’s.   Many physicians disagree with this approach, and reject the “one size fits all” approach to EMRs.

The website “Canadian EMR” provides some interesting statistics, ratings, and product descriptions.


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